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Green Tea Production

The Green teas are often referred to as non-fermented or unfermented teas. The intent is to preserve the healthy and natural elements of the fresh leaves. The traditional method of processing green teas involves withering (though not always the case), heating, rolling and drying. After picking, the fresh leaves are spread out on bamboo trays and exposed to sunlight or warm air for one to two hours. Then the leaves are heated to prevent oxidation and preserve freshness. Finally, the leaves are rolled into various shapes and then dried. The rolling also helps regulate the release of natural oils and flavour during steeping. In China, green teas are often pan fired in very large works and then rolled by hand into various styles: twisted, flat, curly or balled. In Japan, the plucked leaves are quickly steamed on a bamboo tray over water or in a steaming machine, making them easier to shape. Our manufacture of Tsara Green Teas is very similar to the Chinese methods and their technology. It is helpful that we are abreast of global tea production method so we can take on board what works best.

In 1992, global production of all tea was almost 2.5 million tons. The majority of tea production occurs in the subtropical areas of Asia, including China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Indonesia. More than 35 countries now produce tea, with India, China, and Sri Lanka the leaders. Black Tea is produced in the highest quantity, followed by Oolong and Jasmine Tea. Besides the distinction between varieties of tea, the major difference between the types of teas is the processing method. Green Tea leaves are picked and immediately sent to be dried or steamed to prevent fermentation, whereas Black Tea and other types are left to ferment after they are picked.

Green Tea Products

  • Chaquoing Tea

    The tea looks like tiny pellets. These pellets open up during the brewing process.

  • Mao Jian Tea

    The leaves are very fine. This green tea is popularly known as 'green tip'.

  • Long Jing Tea

    Once processed, the leaves tend to be flat and have a jade colour.

  • Silver Tips

    This requires no explanation since, this grade is a premium product.


Galaboda Organic Green Tea Factory
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