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Health benefits of Green TEA

It's all quite incredible and is partly why we are so passionate about tea.

For many years scientists were sceptical about the health claims made by tea proponents. This scepticism was transformed into appreciation when researchers began scientific investigations into the disease-preventing properties of green tea and confirmed the health claims.

  1. Lowers total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol levels. Increases HDL-cholesterol levels.
  2. Reduces blood pressure.
  3. Acts as a 'blood thinner'.
  4. Reduces heart attacks. Lessens the likelihood of death from heart attacks.
  5. Decreases the risk of strokes.
  6. Reduces the risk of Cancer.
  7. Boosts longevity.
  8. Enhances immune function.
  9. Aids digestion.
  10. Prevents dental cavities and gingivitis

All these benefits from the humble tea plant, no wonder its popularity continues to grow.

Green tea and cardiovascular disease

One of the most impressive discoveries has been the effect that green tea has in bolstering the heart's resistance to cardiovascular diseases. Study after study has shown that drinking plenty of green tea and consuming other food rich in particular polyphenols reduces the risk of having a heart attack. Indeed it also aids in recovery after a heart attack. People who have the highest intakes of polyphenols from tea and other foods have almost 75 per cent fewer strokes than people with low intakes. We're proud that our products have so many beneficial qualities.

Green tea and cancer

Green tea's indisputable antioxidant activity led to studies by cancer researchers. They've been investigating the possibility of green tea preventing cancer. Animal studies have indicated that green tea extracts have a positive effect at both the initial and later stages of cancer. "The inhibitory activity is believed to be mainly due to the antioxidative properties and possible antiproliferative effects of polyphenolic compounds in green tea," said researchers in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Specifically, in animal studies green tea extracts have been shown to prevent cancers of the lung, breast, prostate, liver, skin, oesophagus and colon. We like to keep abreast of research and new advances, to further confirm of belief in the power of tea.

Green tea and Longevity

When investigating the possibility of Green Teas aiding longer life researchers followed the lives of 3,380 Japanese women for nine years. These women practiced Chanoyu, The Japanese tea ceremony, they were presumed to be greater-than-average green tea drinkers. Compared with the mortality rates of other Japanese women during the period of the study, fewer of the green tea drinkers died, "indicating the possibility that green tea is a protective factor " against premature death. We find research like this fascinating and why we're such big tea drinkers ourselves.

Green tea and Oral Health

One of the more interesting studies centred on 35 volunteers who were willing to refrain from any oral hygiene, such as brushing or flossing, for 4 days. Instead, these volunteers rinsed their mouths with tea extract before and after eating and before bed. Rinsing with the tea greatly reduced the deposition of cavity-promoting plaque. Other studies, which grew Streptococcus Mutans, the bacteria responsible for oral dental plaque, in the laboratory, confirm that green tea polyphenols inhibit the growth of this cavity-causing bacteria.Although I'm not sure we'd recommend giving up brushing your teeth, it does certainly provide food for thought.

Green Tea Products

  • Chaquoing Tea

    The tea looks like tiny pellets. These pellets open up during the brewing process.

  • Mao Jian Tea

    The leaves are very fine. This green tea is popularly known as 'green tip'.

  • Long Jing Tea

    Once processed, the leaves tend to be flat and have a jade colour.

  • Silver Tips

    This requires no explanation since, this grade is a premium product.


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