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Galaboda Group Tea Factory

Akuressa, Sri Lanka

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History of Galaboda Teas

History of Galaboda Teas

History of Galaboda Teas
Mr.Piyasena De Silva
Present Proprietor

We have a long history of tea making, 75 years in fact. The Galaboda Tea Factory was established in 1935 by my grandfather. As a family we've handing expertise down from one generation to the next. This is why our Black Teas are established throughout Sri Lanka as being exceptional in quality, taste and manufacturing standards.

Our family run tea factory has 39 acres of Organic tea gardens that have certified by IMO in Switzerland. We are branching out to make premium ORGANIC GREEN TEAS withknowledge acquired from China, the birthplace of Green Tea. Our machines, skills, knowledge and the manufacturing process have been imported from China and strengthened with our own knowledge and expertise. We are always striving for better, our dedicated staffare trained in the latest techniques by a Chinese specialist in Green Tea. Our unique approach, taking the best from China and Sri Lanka, means we have the best of both worlds. I am proud and confident to say that our Green Tea is of the highest quality and taste.

Our total focus has always been on tea. We have 50 acres of land, 39 acres of which has been cultivated with tea plants. The tea plants, technically known as Camellia sinensis, are cultivated in more than 30 different countries. There are two major varieties of the tea plant:Sinensis and Assamica. The Sinensis variety has leaves five to twelve centimetres long, while the leaves of the Assamica variety may measure up to twenty centimetres in length. Tea plants prosper in areas with foggy mornings, balmy days with temperatures of 28C-34C degrees and heavy yearly rainfall. Which is what makes Sri Lanka the perfect environment.

Our knowledge of how best to cultivate the tastiest tea comes from focus and dedication. We know that most teas are grown in sedimentary soils that are slightly acidic. To ensure of the quality of the final product, tea plants are chosen for harvesting on the basis of pubescence indicated by hair growth on the underside of the leaves, and for an attractive green colour. Amazingly, tended tea bushes will produce tea for up to 50 years and some tea plants are reputed to be centuries old. It's a real strength that our tea business has been in our family for generations.


Green Tea Products

  • Chaquoing Tea

    The tea looks like tiny pellets. These pellets open up during the brewing process.

  • Mao Jian Tea

    The leaves are very fine. This green tea is popularly known as 'green tip'.

  • Long Jing Tea

    Once processed, the leaves tend to be flat and have a jade colour.

  • Silver Tips

    This requires no explanation since, this grade is a premium product.


Galaboda Organic Green Tea Factory
Akuressa, Sri Lanka

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Dr S. Nalin De Silva


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