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Traditional Health Claims for TEA

Green Tea originated in China for medicinal purposes and its first recorded use was 4,000 years ago. By the third century, it became a daily drink, it's when the cultivation and processing began. Today, China has hundreds of different types of Green Teas. Other producers of green tea include India, Indonesia, Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

The famous Chinese tea master Lu Yu wrote in A.D. 780 that tea could cure headaches, body aches and pains, constipation, and depression. Over the centuries, many others have praised the healing properties of tea and drinking green tea was even purported to have brought a thirteenth century Japanese official back from his death bed. The following are some of the other traditional health claims for tea:

- Increases blood flow throughout the body

- Stimulates mental clarity

- Detoxify the body

- Boosts immunity

- Preserves young-looking skin

- Brightens the eyes

- Aids digestion

- Banishes fatigue

- Prolongs the life span

Green Tea Products

  • Chaquoing Tea

    The tea looks like tiny pellets. These pellets open up during the brewing process.

  • Mao Jian Tea

    The leaves are very fine. This green tea is popularly known as 'green tip'.

  • Long Jing Tea

    Once processed, the leaves tend to be flat and have a jade colour.

  • Silver Tips

    This requires no explanation since, this grade is a premium product.


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